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Garage Door Repair and Replacements

Do you need to repair your garage door? It is easy to take the convenience of your garage door for granted until something goes wrong. Regular servicing for any garage door by a professional will help to eliminate costly repairs and replacements over the years. Contact us if you think your garage door needs a little TLC from one of our experienced fitters.


The team at Window Solutions are experienced fitters able to transform a tired, worn garage door into something spectacular. As garage door repair specialists, we stock all manner of spare parts and replacements for all things garage doors. Contact us for information on our value for money garage door Cones and Cables, Springs, Roller Spindles, Remotes, Locks, Handles or High security multi-point locking system etc. If your door does unfortunately need a repair, no matter how small, contact us for our unrivalled professional service...


If your garage door has suffered damage or is deteriorating from old age, it’s important to get it repaired. A garage door with visible signs of weakness is a common target for thieves and it may be unable to keep your home secure. We can maintain, service and repair your domestic garage door if any damage has happened without charging the earth or you having the cost of a new door.



Conservatory Doors and Windows

As with most double glazing products, conservatory doors and windows become a problem when they are not maintained or just become old. Steamed up and misted glass is a daily problem we encounter. The main cause of this in conservatories is the seals breaking that hold the double glazed unit together. We can replace these at a fraction of the cost of renewing the full conservatory

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